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Who is Kenan Gutić?
Kenan Gutić
Kenan Gutić is a law graduate, IT specialist and activist in improving education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was born in 1995 in Tuzla, where he graduated from the "Meša Selimović" High School and the Faculty of Law of the University of Tuzla. During his studies at the faculty, he was actively involved in socio-economic reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a special emphasis on education. During 2018, together with a team of students from Banja Luka and Tuzla, he won the "EU for You" competition with the ConnectED project, which was the basis for the representation of B&H and the project in the European Union institutions in Brussels. He focused his further efforts on the introduction of practical teaching in the educational process of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the project Student internship: A fast track to a job.
Gained experience through work on various legal, IT and logistics jobs/activities, ie through the positions of administrative assistant, secretary general of several different associations, correspondent and organizer of several conferences, project associate, administrator of a large number of websites, translator and legal trainee.

Diana Šehić

Association “Prava za sve”
"I have collaborated with Kenan on several major projects and I can say that he is a very responsible and conscientious associate, always ready to learn and work with a positive attitude, which is certainly facing much success in the future. I'm sure everyone who works with Kenan will be most pleased."
April, 2020.

Zvezdana Žujo

Co-owner and director
Communis Sarajevo
"I collaborated with Kenan Gutić for a year on an EUSR project called E4U. It is my pleasure to introduce Kenan as a conscientious, responsible, motivated, creative, zealous and proactive team player. He has strong communication and IT skills. He was dedicated to the project 24/7. A warm recommendation for collaboration."
March, 2020.

Ass. prof. Jasmina Smajić

MD, PhD, Primarius
PHI University clinical center Tuzla
"The long-standing cooperation of the Association of Anesthesiologists-Reanimatologists in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Kenan Gutić is commendable. Responsible, correct and precise in the implementation of the agreed activities, Kenan is the person I would recommend to anyone for cooperation."
April, 2020.

Prof. dr. Dževad Mahmutović

Deputy minister
Ministry of human rights and refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina
"Kenan Gutić, a guy of exceptional energy and dedication to new knowledge, skills and friendships, for the benefit of him and the society he lives in. Success in the private and business world is ahead of him, and I am happy to hopefully be part of those successes. Don't change Kenan, just stay on your path and always count on me."
March, 2020.

Ljubiša Mićić, ma

Teaching assistant
Faculty of economics, University of Banja Luka
"Kenan is a serious, dedicated and versatile young professional which it was a pleasure to work with in a joint project. Together, in competition with 16 public higher education institutions, we have won and represented BiH in the EU institutions."
March, 2020.

Prof. dr. Anita Petrović

Vice dean for education and students affairs
Faculty of law, University of Tuzla
"Responsible, hardworking, communicative and very intelligent. Has excellent organizational skills and leadership skills, but also has the ability to work in teams. Has legal, IT, foreign language skills and other informal knowledge, so he can respond quickly and efficiently to all set tasks and challenges."
March, 2020.

Prof. dr. Adnan Ibrahimović

Full professor
Faculty of mining, geology and civil engineering, University of Tuzla
"In the course of organizing and hosting the E - GTZ 2016 Scientific Meeting, I noticed that it was a responsible, reliable, ambitious and trustworthy person. Possesses teamwork skills, and what is especially significant is his leadership skills too. With full conscientiousness and dedication, he carries out the tasks entrusted to him, and is also a very good organizer and implementer of designed projects and programs. He has a refined sense of socially useful and progressive ideas in order to provide a better environment and conditions for democratic progress. On this basis, it makes me particularly pleased and honored to make my recommendation to my colleague Kenan Gutić, hoping that you will give him the opportunity to show his professional skills and human (character) virtues in collaboration with you."
April, 2020.

Mirnes Ajanović, ma

Lawyer and politician
Law office Mirnes Ajanović
"During our cooperation, Kenan Gutić showed diligence and dedication in all given tasks, working for the whole team all the time. He has a keen sense of organization, systematization and precision and in combination with his IT and legal skills he becomes an associate whom I could recommend to anyone."
January, 2021.

Prof. dr. Vedad Gurda

Vice dean for scientific research
Faculty of law, University of Tuzla
"I have worked with my colleague Kenan for several years on the design of the Faculty of law website and I must point out that the collaboration has been extremely fruitful and successful. Kenan has shown exceptional diligence and responsibility in administering the site, as well as a high level of proactiveness in initiating various actions related to the advancement of students in our faculty, as well as encouraging student activism."
March, 2020.

Prof. dr. Nedim Suljić

Vice dean for scientific research
Faculty of mining, geology and civil engineering, University of Tuzla
"During the preparation and holding of the conference Energy Efficiency as an Element of Sustainable Transition of the Energy Sector, held on November 13, 2019 in Tuzla under the sponsorship of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Kenan Gutić showed high organizational skills, professionalism and professional work that contributed to the successful holding of conference."
March, 2020.

Vahid Čamdžić

Law office Čamdžić
"All recommendations for a young, talented and professional guy who is available to you 24 hours a day."
January, 2021.

Selma Mustačević

Project coordinator
Association „Amica EDUCA“
"I had the opportunity to work with Kenan Gutić in 2019 when he volunteered at the Association Amica Educa on the Rights and respect regardless of gender project. The aim of the project was to prevent domestic violence. Kenan's responsibilities included planning activities, participating in street actions, contacting relevant organizations and associations in Tuzla Canton (B&H), reporting, and numerous other activities. Kenan leaves an impression of a hardworking and ambitious person, open minded and full of ideas and enthusiasm for community service. Kenan is the kind of young person who not only stops at specific tasks but is always ready to do and offer more, and I am sure that in life he will not only fulfill but exceed the expectations of the environment."
March, 2020.

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